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Quake 3 Server Help





Began to add the life of this website. May take awhile to work out everything. Sorry for the delay.


Well my server will be down for quite some time till i figure out all the bugs. But the server commands should be the first thing up.


I decided to add a map section to my page to help people learn the basics of mapping for Quake 3. This is only for beginners and not advance people.


Help shall be provided to the people who still need it after my tutorials. Also let me know if anything in my tutorials are misleading or incorrect.


Welcome to my Quake 3 Server page. I really should not call this a server page since this is much more. It has downloads, news, and mapping tutorials. Come back soon to see some quality tutorials for your mappers and new time server admins...

Dec 8, 01 - 7:12 AM
I actually finished making the main page today. It looks pretty good to me... Seems that I am spending more time updating this website than putting content on it. Not to worry for it will be here soon. Hopefully by today or tomorrow.
Dec 7, 01 - 6:50 PM
Just testing this page to see if this thing works. It will be a while before this is completely updated. Also I have stopped running my server due to connection problems. It seems no matter who connects anyone will receive 1% packet, which means that your connection dies out about every 20 seconds. I will try to fix this matter till then it will stay offline, however this website will stay up with a few changes which I will list soon.








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